Meeting Recap: May 11th

Previously, on DUDAD…

The last DUDAD meeting will be week 9, so that’s May 25th, 2018 at 7pm in Driscoll 145. Sad day, but have a great summer!

ONE SHOT DAY! WOO! Sign up to DM here. It will be Saturday, May 19th, 2-8pm in the usual zone. See you there!

We went over the survey data! Thank you so so much for helping us get that awesome data! We’re going to use it to make DUDAD the best it can be. We’re legitimately so excited about this, especially Merritt. That boy is over the moon.

We’re tossing around the idea of creating a series of campaigns for our members who are study abroad. Potentially, we’d like to pair people from similar timezones to use Skype and run a campaign or two. Please, please email us or message us if you’re interested. We need the interest to organize this, especially because it’s such a new thing.

FALL 2018 PLAYER SIGN UPS ARE HERE! Sign up here or feel HR’s wrath. Please sign up by June 2nd, and 11:59 PM. If you sign up by this time, you’ll get a higher chance of being in the campaign you want. PLUS! We’re doing a new system where, if you don’t get the campaign you want the most, we’ll have a system in place that’ll put you in a higher requested campaign in the next quarter. Still, all our campaigns are great and come with their own fun, so keep an open mind.

After the June 2nd deadline, it’s first come, first serve for all remaining spots, so best of luck! Incoming freshmen are going to be assigned the first session as well. Please read all the instructions carefully!


  • Next One Shot Day is this Saturday (May 19th!)
  • Thanks for participating in the demographic survey!
  • Let us know if you’d be interested in a study abroad campaign.
  • Fall player signups are open! Sign up by June 2nd or you’ll make HR very very sad.

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