Write Your First Adventure with the RPG Writer Workshop

Hey, friends! The RPG Writer Workshop’s flagship class, Write Your First Adventure, begins on July 1st! 

There are 3 tracks: D&D (partnered with DMsGuild), Call of Cthulhu (partnered with Chaosium), and a system-neutral track; all of which will help you write & publish an adventure over the course of a month!

Several DUDADers have done it, and others have gone on to do lots of freelancing, independent design work, and even some official work (some current and former Wizard’s employees did the workshop). It’s $35 but well worth it, and there are scholarships you can apply for as well. Ping or pm Alex Niederberger on Discord(@soundsofbones) if you have any questions!

Sign up here: https://www.storytellingcollective.com/courses/wyfa-summer2021

GM Sign-Ups Close TOMORROW!

GM sign-ups close tomorrow at midnight. If you are considering GMing/backup GMing, don’t wait a second longer to submit your application.

GMing for DUDAD has many benefits, such as:

  • getting to meet new, creative people
  • becoming unto a god of a fictional game world
  • the exec board’s appreciation and support

As a reminder: we are likely to be able to return to IN-PERSON games in the Fall, and there is a question on the sign-ups that asks which you’d like! If your hesitation is due to an uncertainty of where you’ll be in the fall, you can sign up as an online GM! Similarly, you can sign up as a 4 or a 5 if you’re not sure of your commitment level to GMing!

SIGN UP HERE: https://forms.gle/UMSAUp9aKNXtMqmM9

Happy Week 9!!

It’s Week 9 which means finals are inching a bit closer…

So if you’re looking for a good distraction, DUDAD is the place to be! Join us tonight at 7pm in Sharon’s Alcove in ECS for our opening meeting!

And don’t forget, this is NOT our last meeting of the quarter. We are meeting Week 10 to make up for missing Week 4 earlier in the quarter.

Hope to see you all tonight!

Election Night Results!

The ballots have been counted and the results are in!

Your DUDAD exec team for the 2020-2021 school year are:

Camille Abelanet

Vice President
Lucas McLeod

Chelsie Fincher

Isla Lader

A big congratulations to our incoming exec team! The exec team will be shadowing our current exec board until the passing-of-ye-ole-torch at the end of Spring Quarter. We’re so excited to welcome this new team who will lead us in the new school year!

Happy Adventuring!

Week 8 and Elections!!

Hello, hello! Don’t forget to head over to Sharon’s Alcove in ECS for the DUDAD opening meeting tonight! If you want to be a part of club democracy, make sure to get there at 7pm sharp to vote for next year’s Exec Board!

This meeting is especially important because you must be present at the meeting to vote! We cannot make any exceptions.

Hope to see you all there!