Our History

Leadership. Teamwork. Problem-solving. Creativity.

So let our story begin…

DUDAD began when a group of adventurers wanted to expand their reach.


In Fall 2014, a group of random strangers met over a small meal of Noodles and Company. They talked and laughed, and then they decided to join forces as a group of adventurers. As the year went on, the group grew and grew and suddenly their original space was far too small.

In Winter 2015, the remaining adventurers took over Driscoll Underground every Friday night from 7 pm to 12 am. In Spring 2015, the group decided they needed to become official. They applied for official recognition by the University of Denver.

DUDAD still meets every Friday night from 7 pm to midnight.


DUDAD is a group of friends and family whose desire for adventure without judgment became the greatest club DU has ever seen.

Important Notes


We have campaigns for everyone from novice to highly experienced. We love mixing levels and giving everyone something new. If you have any suggestions for us, shoot us an email!

You will receive snacks at every in-person meeting along with dice, books, and constant love and respect. Trust us, you will meet your best friends here. We know we have.

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