Club Information

Exec Team Positions


Currently: Marcus Merritt (

  • Oversees meetings
  • Direct line of contact with OSE
  • The first representative of DUDAD outside of the club border
  • In charge of campaign placement
  • Approves/denies DMs
  • Delegates tasks to all other exec team members

Vice President

Currently: Cedar Haugen (

  • To step in whenever the president cannot
  • Coordinates events, such as One Shot Days
  • Reserves rooms and spaces
  • Manages and disburses club public supplies


Currently: Alex “Bones” Niederberger (

  • Manages all club funds
  • Direct line to the comptroller’s office
  • Manages P-card reservations
  • Manages reimbursements
  • Manages club member dues
  • In charge of weekly snack runs


Currently: Hannah Renea Bumgarner (

  • Manages club attendance & roster
  • In charge of DUDAD website and Facebook page
  • In charge of emailed communications of behalf of DUDAD
  • Collects snack requests from DMs who send in attendance
  • Regularly updates census, including making sure member contact info is up to date


Here is a copy of DUDAD’s current constitution. Last updated: April 17th, 2019.