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The Essentials
Tools for everyone at the table
COVID Resources
Playing in a Pandemic
Getting Started
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GMing 101
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Player Tips
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The Essentials

D&D BeyondD&D Beyond is the digital toolset for D&D fifth edition. It has rulebooks, digital character builders, and anything else you could possibly need to play D&D 5e.
Email the exec board to get access to our club D&D Beyond account.
Online Dice RollerNo need to buy physical dice; roll online!
MPMB Character SheetThe easiest way to build a character for D&D 5e is to use the MPMB Character Sheet. It’s a fillable PDF that does much of the heavy lifting of creating a character!
The Wizard’s ChestWant to buy dice, figurines, and other gaming supplies? Stop by this local business. It’s a magical shopping experience!
X CardA tool to help everyone at the gaming table feel safe and pleased with the direction of the game’s narrative. A way to facilitate retconning and navigate away from potentially triggering content.

Digital-Modality Campaign Resources

Roll20Roll20 is an all-in-one way to play ttRPGs online. Join a video call together, share/update battle maps in realtime, automate dice rolls, and message other players.
D&D Beyond’s Quarantine ResourcesD&D Beyond has created a compendium of materials to teach you to play virtual D&D. Free pre-made adventures can be found here, too!
AvraeA bot created by D&D Beyond that you can add to your game’s Discord server. Avarae can be used for looking up 5e rules, managing combat, and automating dice rolls. It’s a great way to increase transparency between players when your group can’t play in person.

Getting Started

The TroveThe biggest open directory of ttRPG game rules on the Internet. PDFs of all sorts of game systems!
D&D 5e Basic RulesHow to play Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition.

GMing 101

Campaign Management ToolsMake a wiki to keep track of your world’s lore, important NPCs, maps, etc.
World Anvil
Obsidian Portal
InkarnateCreate maps for battles, towns, and worlds with this comprehensive online tool.
Email the exec board to get access to our club account.
How to Pander Plan Around Your PlayersA resource exclusive to our club! Notes about how to DM while keeping your players in mind.

Player Tips

Roleplaying7 Tips for being a Great Roleplayer
Creating a CharacterCharacter Building Tips for Beginners
Backstory GeneratorsTry out a fun, new character idea!
Who the F*ck is my D&D Character
Kassoon 5e Character Generator
Seventh Sanctum Character Generators
Game EtiquetteArticles on ways to be kind, considerate, and collaborate during game sessions.
Tabletop Roleplaying Etiquette 101
You Can Be the Best Player Ever