Sample Campaign Descriptions

If you want to check out some past campaign descriptions to model yours off of, we’ve hand-picked a fine selection of vintage and organically-grown campaign descriptions you can peruse below.

Grayden Rainford

Spring 2016

In a land of magitech and powerful natural forces, wild magic has become more common. The cursed mists of a forbidden jungle spread farther each season, and a raging war grows more desperate. The potential to unravel this weave, and the world’s fate are out there, among endless other possibilities.

Quinn Hannah-White & Isaac Karen

Winter 2018

Ready those mortar cannons, sharpen your machetes, and fine-tune a carbine, as we delve once more into the techno-magical world of Bastion! This campaign uses a slew of custom elements and rules built up on the base of DnD 5e to bring the 2011 indie game by Supergiant Games to life with paper and pencil. From monstrous creatures to courtly intrigue and mechanized wonders, you’ll join a high-level campaign whose plot will allow your characters to shake the world to its core!

Marcus McGuire

Winter 2018

The world of Dirk is continuing its crisis: strange shrines are found all over the world, an attack on a prominent mage outpost has shaken the magical world, and a dark wizard with gradually more baffling motives has begun their rise. What could this all mean? Does the DM actually know? The answers may surprise you.

Matt Bernier

Winter 2018

Most adventurers will head out on grand adventures in pursuit of gold and glory. Smart adventurers realize that the real money is in real estate. This campaign will be focused around players building a settlement in a fantasy setting. Will your humble town become a center for trade, a bastion against the untamed wilds, the beginning of a new empire, or something completely different of your own design?

Jordan Zink

Fall 2018

Set in the distant years after Order 66, the Galactic Empire has seized a tenuous control over the galaxy with hardly a whisper from those that would oppose it. Yet, for all its influence over the stars, the seeds of corruption begin to fill the ranks, as those obsessed with power seek to supplant those who wield it. Now that Imperials patrol the planets, the true test is maintaining peace and security by any means necessary. In such times, commanders, captains, and officers are willing to pay just about any price to get the job done, even to those from outside of the ranks. However, only high risk yields high rewards for those that would dare to take the offer…

Alex Niederberger

Fall 2018

A few years ago, the strange island of Maman was colonized integrated into the nation of Ameuro. Since that day, mysterious disasters and strange creatures have popped up in both lands, and locals claim they’re a result of the ancient “Fukam” curse. Listen to tantalizing tales, fight colossal creatures, delve into dank dungeons, and solve the mysterious mysteries of Maman.

Hannah Renea Bumgarner

Winter 2019

You and your team man a courier ship, where your job is to bring packages and parcels to and from planets in the galaxy. Your ship is almost ready to set out to the next destination and is making its last preparations when a cargo truck rushes over and stops you. It has a crate and the truck drivers say it must reach New Phnom Penh as soon as possible. The crate weighs 110 lbs and its label has two words: OBSIDIAN. FRAGILE. Your mission is simple: deliver the goods safely to New Phnom Penh.