Write Your First Adventure with the RPG Writer Workshop

Hey, friends! The RPG Writer Workshop’s flagship class, Write Your First Adventure, begins on July 1st! 

There are 3 tracks: D&D (partnered with DMsGuild), Call of Cthulhu (partnered with Chaosium), and a system-neutral track; all of which will help you write & publish an adventure over the course of a month!

Several DUDADers have done it, and others have gone on to do lots of freelancing, independent design work, and even some official work (some current and former Wizard’s employees did the workshop). It’s $35 but well worth it, and there are scholarships you can apply for as well. Ping or pm Alex Niederberger on Discord(@soundsofbones) if you have any questions!

Sign up here: https://www.storytellingcollective.com/courses/wyfa-summer2021