While looking up different dice, I stumbled upon something that said “nine-sided die” and was curious. I clicked the image only to find…


I need someone to weigh on this. What do you think of this? Would you use this abomination?

Is it funny or horrifying? Both? The world may never know.

Meeting Recap: Apr 27

Previously, on DUDAD:

The next OSD is May 5th from 2pm to 8pm! Sign up to be a DM here!!

Are you at least 1% interested in being a DM? Fill out the campaign application for Fall 2018! We have an option now for how badly you want to DM so if you’re on the fence, we still wanna see that! Once we get the full list, we’ll contact you if you were on the fence and let you know if we’re short on DMs.

We want to know YOU! We’re collecting data in a completely anonymous, 2-minute survey. We’re curious 🙂 Click here.

BOSS Training finally happened! Woot woot! Expect another meeting in the fall (I hope).

DU Arcade and ITTD were yesterday and they were a great time! Thank you, everyone, who joined us in the celebration!


See you May 4th at 7pm in DSC 145!

Friday the 13th!

Last night there were some stellar sessions happening from the Empire to the Province of Nege to Pottsfield! There were nat-20s and critical fails (which we could probably blame on Friday the 13th, right??). Here are some meeting updates!

Martin Duarte is going to be having a Mario Kart tournament soon! He has a poll set up if you’re interested in participating and have resources! The tournament will be a weekend in May.

Johnathan Rhodes announced that there will be an opera called The Marriage of Figaro next weekend (it’s by some dude named Mozart who’s apparently a big deal idk). Click the link for more info.

Tabletop Day is coming up, get pumped!! It will be in ECS on April 28th!

A big shout out to Matt Walter and Sophia Gonzalez-Mayagoitia for winning their USG positions as Junior Senators! DUDAD was very proud to endorse them throughout this journey.

If you’re in AHSS (arts, humanities, social science), consider voting for our own Clint Cordova for Student Advisory Council! Voting is on Monday.

Send us funny anecdotes and stories from your campaign! We would love to showcase some of the adventures we’ve been having! Pictures are welcome too!

We’re officially still a club for the 2018-2019 school year and SHIRTS ARE ON THEIR WAY!


  • Mario Kart!
  • Opera!
  • Tabletop Day!
  • Junior Senators!
  • Clint for AHSS SAC!
  • Send pics and giggles!
  • Shirts!

OSD #2 for Spring 2018!

ANOTHER ONE SHOT DAY! We’re super pumped. Just like before, click this link if you have any interest in being a DM!

Remember, players don’t need to sign up, just come to the usual spot April 21st from 2pm and 8pm.

If you’re on the fence about DMing, still fill out the form! You can select if you’d rather not be one, but it’s nice to see interest and have backups!

Thanks guys, gals, and nonbinary pals!!