What have you won with a Nat 20?

When each candidate running for the Byron-Bethany Irrigation District Director 1 position won exactly 51 votes each, resulting in a rare 50/50 split tie, Contra Costa County election officials decided to put the candidates fates in the hands of the all-powerful Dungeons & Dragons d20.

It was Milan Petrovich versus Larry Enos, and after rolling three times, they determined the winner…all because Enos got a Nat 20 on his final roll.

Enos won a government office position thanks to a 20-sided die. What’s the best thing a Nat 20 has won you?

Check out the full video here:


While looking up different dice, I stumbled upon something that said “nine-sided die” and was curious. I clicked the image only to find…


I need someone to weigh on this. What do you think of this? Would you use this abomination?

Is it funny or horrifying? Both? The world may never know.

The Ultimate Hair Salon

Apparently, the next version of DND will have a Beautician class. They can magically subdue their enemies by braiding the foe’s hair with nearby vines. Weapon of choice: scissors.


Occasionally we have fun.

Thank you, Jessica Garland for the great pics!

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