Back to Chilly Business

Welcome back, Adventurers!

We’re so excited for DUDAD to be here again and we appreciate everyone who came out last night!

Just a couple of quick things to know:

  • One Shot Days are back! The first OSD is Saturday, January 19th, 2019! Be there for a chill time of pickup games and studying with buddies! Sign up here if you’re interested in giving DMing a whirl!
  • The Player’s Guild is back! Share your accomplishments with the entire DUDAD fam! Shoot us an email and we’ll get your stuff up starting next week.
  • Remember to pay dues! You can either give $5 cash to Bones or Venmo $5.50 to @dudad. The name that’ll come up on Venmo is HR Bumgarner, that’s normal. Get this done as soon as possible. If you haven’t paid dues by week 3, you won’t be able to continue playing. And that would be sad, please don’t let that happen.
  • You’re back! We love you. We’re so excited for this quarter!

Thank you for reading! Here’s a reward meme!

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One-Shot DM Sign Up

So last quarter, we debuted our first One-Shot Day, and it was a huge success! We’re very excited to be having our next One-Shot Day on Saturday, April 7th, from about 2-8pm!

Wanna test out your DM-ing skills? Wanna bring friends who’ve never played DND? Wanna have an awesome time and go on spontaneous, wacky adventures while making new friends?

Sign up to be a DM here!

We’ll see you then!