1 Year of DUDAD

It was this time one year ago that we started building this club.

I sat down one day and finally decided to start figuring out what it took to make a club at DU, and if it could truly benefit a group of adventurers that just wanted some money for food. We never really planned for this much to happen to the club this quickly, but I could not be more grateful.

The club was not officially created until April of 2015, but the process started at this point one year ago. I wrote up many things and the few of us that put in work decided we could represent this club for its first year. I wanted to have a position because I loved this club more than anything, and all the work we were putting in meant that we were going to create something big for this university.

When fall came around and the club had its founding members, I was scared that the growth would just end there. We had put in so much work, it would be a shame to lose it so quickly. The the carnival happened. I threw together a Facebook page to have some way to reach out to anyone who stopped by our table. None of us were prepared for so many faces to walk past and stop for conversation. Those who stopped were surprised to see that this university had a club for tabletop kids, for the RPG kids.

Now we are here. One year later. As I look back, I am more than proud of what we set out to create. As each day goes on, I hope that this club will last long after its founding members graduate. I hope we started something good here. In one year, I will take another look back. My hopes are that this club has grown, and someone will be replacing me as Vice President. When I graduate next year, I hope to feel proud of what this club has become. I know I am right now.

So thank you. To those of you that have been here from the start. To those of you who joined this year. To those of you who stop by for a few minutes. For those of you who read this. Thank you. This club would be nothing without you.

-Julia Pitel, Vice President of DUDAD, 2015 – Present