2 Years of DUDAD

I told myself I was going to write this post sooner rather than later because I am afraid of crying real person tears on my very expensive laptop. Sounds a tad pretentious though, right? Regardless, the time has come: two years of DU Dungeons and Dragons being an official club with the university. I am not even going to bother reading over last year’s post because so much has changed.

This year, I was absent from our standard recruiting period of fall quarter because I was studying abroad, but that did not mean I did not care. I skyped into a session one time, while in Sweden, just to say hi to all the new people. I was overjoyed to see that our numbers swelled even more this year, and the fact that our net growth from year to year is only positive is one of the best feelings.

dsc_0155I do not think freshman me would even begin to believe that two years from the day we got our club fully approved after writing a dry constitution and attempting to figure out where money would go had we be given any at all, ever. I was happy that my friends and I got some money to buy snacks and some books, but I was never looking long term. I never expected for this club to live past my time here at the University of Denver.

Now, I am writing this as the outgoing Vice President of DUDAD. This is the last post of 10329043_698176316940420_8008765083725284807_nmine on this website as I hand off the controls to another. I am graduating college with my heart so full of love and joy because I got the chance to start something bigger than me. DU Dungeons and Dragons started as a way to get more snack money and has turned into my home, my family, and my passion over these two years. I hope to see this club continue to grow next year and hopefully reach sixty active members!

Thank you all for making my time here such an adventure. You all have become my second family and part of the few who keep me sane in the craziest of times. I do not know what future I have, but I know I have a family at DUDAD that will continue to grow.

May you all roll 20s… or at the very least not consistent 1s. Good luck in the coming years.11174472_818770074881043_1540084325306226040_o


Julia Pitel