While looking up different dice, I stumbled upon something that said “nine-sided die” and was curious. I clicked the image only to find…


I need someone to weigh on this. What do you think of this? Would you use this abomination?

Is it funny or horrifying? Both? The world may never know.

The Voting Results

Thank you, everyone! The evil was defeated and Abstain the Terrible is not on the exec board. Huzzah!

That being said, your 2018-2019 exec board is:

  • President: Marcus “Bearded Marcus” Merritt
  • Vice Prez: Cedar Haugen
  • Treasurer: Alex “Bones” Niederberger
  • Secretary: Hannah Renea Bumgarner
  • Birthday Boy: Travis “El Presidente” Mason (former president) (his birthday is on Sunday)

Have a fabulous Spring Break everyone! Don’t forget to sign up for campaigns for Spring Quarter 2018!

Photo Cred: Abby Scadden

DUDAD 2018