Meeting Recap: May 18th

Sorry that it’s taken me a while to get around to getting these notes out there! Let’s get right down to it, shall we?

Next week is our last official meeting. So this Friday, May 25th, 2018 will be the last official DUDAD meeting of the 2017-2018 school year. It’s been real, y’all.

Anytime your campaign isn’t meeting for a week, feel free to host your own One-Shots! It’s the perfect opportunity to test out your DM skillz and play in different styles of campaigns and tabletop RPGs!

We had yet another fabulous OSD on Saturday night. It was a great time! Longtime DUDAD veteran Grayden Rainford was there, training newbie DMs and hanging out and generally blessing us with his presence. We also had board games and Jackbox games and generally a good time. Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed their Saturday night with us.

The Mario Kart tournament also happened Saturday night! A big thank you to Martin for hosting!

Player Sign-Ups Are A Thing

Please, please sign up! As of now (Monday, May 21st at 4 pm), there have been only thirty signups. This entire link is one big obnoxious link to player sign-ups. Sure, you have til June 2nd to sign up, but the sooner the better! It’ll be off your plate, you’ll make us feel chill about it, it’s all around positive. SIGN UP!!!!

Interested in a study abroad campaign next fall? Please email us or message us to let us know! We want to know!!

Speaking of emails, DU’s emails think I (HR) am a robot. Not gonna lie, I’m a little hurt. I’ll try to work around this, but if you’d like to use a different email in the meantime, shoot us an email from a personal account to use instead. Technology hates me. I’m sorry if you have been missing something.

Either that, or enter your email on the ROLL FOR INVESTIGATION box in the sidebar. It’ll subscribe you to our stuff. It’s a good time. Stay up to date on all things DUDAD!

We’re probably going to reorder more shirts in the fall, hooray! So if you didn’t get one of our stylish t-shirts and want to fix that, it’s not too late!

Bug your DMs about sending attendance! Pretty please! Thnx.


  • Last meeting of the year is next Friday (May 25th)!
  • Do one-shots as much as you’d like to better your DND experience!
  • OSD and Mario Kart were Saturday night, it was a good time
  • Email us about study abroad campaigns!
  • Follow our website (and notice the sexy new URL)
  • We’re reordering shirts next year!
  • Have a good day!!! ❤

Meeting Recap: May 11th

Previously, on DUDAD…

The last DUDAD meeting will be week 9, so that’s May 25th, 2018 at 7pm in Driscoll 145. Sad day, but have a great summer!

ONE SHOT DAY! WOO! Sign up to DM here. It will be Saturday, May 19th, 2-8pm in the usual zone. See you there!

We went over the survey data! Thank you so so much for helping us get that awesome data! We’re going to use it to make DUDAD the best it can be. We’re legitimately so excited about this, especially Merritt. That boy is over the moon.

We’re tossing around the idea of creating a series of campaigns for our members who are study abroad. Potentially, we’d like to pair people from similar timezones to use Skype and run a campaign or two. Please, please email us or message us if you’re interested. We need the interest to organize this, especially because it’s such a new thing.

FALL 2018 PLAYER SIGN UPS ARE HERE! Sign up here or feel HR’s wrath. Please sign up by June 2nd, and 11:59 PM. If you sign up by this time, you’ll get a higher chance of being in the campaign you want. PLUS! We’re doing a new system where, if you don’t get the campaign you want the most, we’ll have a system in place that’ll put you in a higher requested campaign in the next quarter. Still, all our campaigns are great and come with their own fun, so keep an open mind.

After the June 2nd deadline, it’s first come, first serve for all remaining spots, so best of luck! Incoming freshmen are going to be assigned the first session as well. Please read all the instructions carefully!


  • Next One Shot Day is this Saturday (May 19th!)
  • Thanks for participating in the demographic survey!
  • Let us know if you’d be interested in a study abroad campaign.
  • Fall player signups are open! Sign up by June 2nd or you’ll make HR very very sad.

Meeting Recap: May 4th

May the 4th be with you!

Previously, on DUDAD…

OSD was yesterday! Did you have fun? I know I did.

We’ve gotten some great feedback on our demographics survey! Thank you to everyone who’s participated. That info is incredibly important to us and we’re addressing your concerns and suggestions!

  • We recommend to DMs to have a “Session 0” to hash out character sheets and get to know everyone so we’re able to use DUDAD for it’s best purpose: making new friends! This is also an excellent opportunity for learning everyone’s names and pronouns!
  • We’re going to try and push a wide variety of people to DM so that we have more representation among our DMs. DUDAD has habitually had mostly white cis-men as DMs and we’re hoping to cast a wider net using our DM Workshops! If you have any more suggestions, definitely message us or leave a comment below.
  • The pre-game meetings are important, but we hadn’t realized they may be anxiety-inducing or uncomfortable for some of our players. We’re so sorry about that, and will be actively sending out these recap emails on Sundays following the meetings. Thanks for the heads up!
  • We are also sorry for not including more options in the gender portion of this survey! We will not be including other options in this survey simply because it would skew the data we’ve already received, but we will definitely be including more trans-friendly options in the future. Again, thank you!

If you haven’t had a chance to fill out the demographic survey yet, please do! We’re loving this feedback! Especially if it helps us support our members and their identities! Love y’all! ❤

Campaign Apps are due! Soft deadline is today (Sunday, May 6th) at 2pm. Please apply even if you only have a mild interest in DMing! As previously mentioned, we would love to have a large selection of campaigns and a large amount of representation among our DMs. Come one, come all!

MARIO KART TOURNAMENT! We can’t wait!! It will be held Saturday, May 19th, from 7-10pm in ECS! Questions? Message or email us, or message Martin Duarte! See you there!

ATTENTION PLAYERS: Do you get jealous when other campaigns have donut holes? Have you been craving Sour Patch Kids? Annoy your DMs to send in attendance and to give snack suggestions!

We’ve distributed almost all of our shirts. If you haven’t gotten one yet, please please message us! We still have a few reserved shirts left and we wanna make sure our members are rockin’ the latest in DUDAD fashion.

Wanna opt out of these emails? Tell Hannah Renea at the next meeting on Friday, May 11th at 7pm in Driscoll 145.


  • OSD was a blast, as always!
  • We were thrilled to get responses on our demographics survey! Keep ’em coming!
  • Campaign Apps! We want lots of DMs!
  • Mario Mark your calendars! Mario Kart tournament on May 19th!
  • Bug DMs about sending in attendance!
  • Let us know if you’re still waiting on a shirt!

Over and out!

DUDAD 2018

Meeting Recap: Apr 27

Previously, on DUDAD:

The next OSD is May 5th from 2pm to 8pm! Sign up to be a DM here!!

Are you at least 1% interested in being a DM? Fill out the campaign application for Fall 2018! We have an option now for how badly you want to DM so if you’re on the fence, we still wanna see that! Once we get the full list, we’ll contact you if you were on the fence and let you know if we’re short on DMs.

We want to know YOU! We’re collecting data in a completely anonymous, 2-minute survey. We’re curious 🙂 Click here.

BOSS Training finally happened! Woot woot! Expect another meeting in the fall (I hope).

DU Arcade and ITTD were yesterday and they were a great time! Thank you, everyone, who joined us in the celebration!


See you May 4th at 7pm in DSC 145!

Friday the 13th!

Last night there were some stellar sessions happening from the Empire to the Province of Nege to Pottsfield! There were nat-20s and critical fails (which we could probably blame on Friday the 13th, right??). Here are some meeting updates!

Martin Duarte is going to be having a Mario Kart tournament soon! He has a poll set up if you’re interested in participating and have resources! The tournament will be a weekend in May.

Johnathan Rhodes announced that there will be an opera called The Marriage of Figaro next weekend (it’s by some dude named Mozart who’s apparently a big deal idk). Click the link for more info.

Tabletop Day is coming up, get pumped!! It will be in ECS on April 28th!

A big shout out to Matt Walter and Sophia Gonzalez-Mayagoitia for winning their USG positions as Junior Senators! DUDAD was very proud to endorse them throughout this journey.

If you’re in AHSS (arts, humanities, social science), consider voting for our own Clint Cordova for Student Advisory Council! Voting is on Monday.

Send us funny anecdotes and stories from your campaign! We would love to showcase some of the adventures we’ve been having! Pictures are welcome too!

We’re officially still a club for the 2018-2019 school year and SHIRTS ARE ON THEIR WAY!


  • Mario Kart!
  • Opera!
  • Tabletop Day!
  • Junior Senators!
  • Clint for AHSS SAC!
  • Send pics and giggles!
  • Shirts!