The Voting Results

Thank you, everyone! The evil was defeated and Abstain the Terrible is not on the exec board. Huzzah!

That being said, your 2018-2019 exec board is:

  • President: Marcus “Bearded Marcus” Merritt
  • Vice Prez: Cedar Haugen
  • Treasurer: Alex “Bones” Niederberger
  • Secretary: Hannah Renea Bumgarner
  • Birthday Boy: Travis “El Presidente” Mason (former president) (his birthday is on Sunday)

Have a fabulous Spring Break everyone! Don’t forget to sign up for campaigns for Spring Quarter 2018!

Photo Cred: Abby Scadden

DUDAD 2018

Executive Board Nominations

Thank you to everyone who sent us awesome nominations for our Executive Board for the 2018-2019 school year!

The nominees are listed below. When you vote, there is an option to abstain from voting for a particular decision, which suggests you’d like another nomination process for that position. Voting will be on Friday, February 26th at 7pm. Please arrive on time! You must put your ballots in by 8pm.

  • Marcus “Bearded Marcus” Merritt
  • Abstain from voting
Vice President
  • Jordyn Merritt
  • Cedar Haugen
  • Abstain
  • Alex “Bones” Niederberger
  • Abstain
  • Hannah Renea “HR” Bumgarner
  • Abstain

All candidates will be giving a speech, even if they are running unopposed. Paper ballots will be passed out. See you on Friday!