Winter 2019 Campaigns

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Note: all campaigns are listed in alphabetical order by name. The slideshow of descriptions below is in a random order. Use the pause button to take time and read the campaigns!

FULL) means full to max.

** means full to preferred, so you’ll only get in if every other campaign fills up first.


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New Campaigns

These are brand new stories with brand new characters! Embark on a brand new adventure with a brand new party!

Andrew **Ashton **Brittany
**Camille **James & Christian Clint
Cory **Kate O’Donnell (Cancelled) Kate Powell
Kylie **Marcus Zach

Returning Campaigns

These follow a previous campaign’s arc. Don’t worry though, you can still join even if you weren’t in previous sessions! If you were in previous sessions, you have priority access to these campaigns, but you can join others if you wish!

**HR **Julian **Mak
(FULL) Mary (FULL) Nathan

Backup Campaigns

These are campaigns that might or might not run this quarter depending on demand. We included them here, in case they suit your fancy, but be sure to select some of the above campaigns just in case!

Lucas (Cancelled) Nick Nikita

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