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When you click the names above, you’ll get a whole lotta info. Here’s what you need to know about what you’re reading:

Likelihood of Running

Some of our DMs are serving as backups. We’ve included them on this list in case you really, really want to play with them, but be sure to keep this in mind! We recommend selecting mostly campaigns that are guaranteed to run next quarter to ensure you don’t have complications getting into a campaign. We cannot guarantee our backups will run.

The ranking system of likeliness is as follows:

  • Definitely Running: These WILL be DMs Winter Quarter.
  • Most Likely Running: These PROBABLY will run.
  • Probably Running: These folks have said being a DM is cool, but they’re chill with being a player too.
  • Backup DM: These DMs are our backups. If you want to be in their campaign, be sure to have others that are definitely running in your signups!

Game System, Edition, & Stats

Here you’ll find all the logistic info to consider how badly you want to join the campaign.

First, there’s the game system, meaning which tabletop role-playing game (RPG) the DM is going to run. Most of our DMs run traditional Dungeons & Dragons (DND), though some run other fun things as well!
Just below that, you’ll see what edition of the game system they’ll be running. Not all tabletop RPGs have multiple editions, but some of them do. This is important because some of the core mechanics (rules) can change from edition to edition. For example, DND has been in existence since 1974 and has changed dramatically since then. The most recent edition, 5th edition, was published in 2014.

Below that, you’ll see if this is a brand new campaign, or what’s known as a returning campaign. Sometimes, DMs start a campaign that will last longer than the nine sessions we have in a quarter. They will list their campaign as “returning” to indicate if they are running the same campaign that they ran last quarter.
You can still join a returning campaign even if you weren’t in it while it previously ran. Returning players have priority for open spots, but if someone leaves or the DM otherwise has open spots, you might be able to join!
Just beneath that, we’ll include how many quarters the DM plans to run this campaign for. This can be helpful to know if you want to commit to a longer-term adventure.

Silliness Index is an important stat to DUDAD. Some DMs like to run goofy games that are chock-full of memes and jokes and silly times. Some DMs like a more serious campaign that tells a grounded, narrative structure. The scale is from 1 to 5, with 1 being a very serious, grounded campaign and 5 being an overall goof-fest.

The scale of the campaign indicates how high the stakes are, which is also on a range of 1 to 5. Do you like tight-knit stories where your character is solving a small mystery, or would you rather have the fate of the multiverse in your hands? Smaller-scaled campaigns (1) will have those small, focused stories, while larger-scaled campaigns (5) will have much more epic proportions.

Features are something we newly implemented for our DMs. This gives players an idea of what the DMs play-style is like. Like a lot of combat where death is around the corner? There are characteristics for that. Do you enjoy more role-playing? That exists too.

Campaign Description

This is one of the most important things you’ll find on this page. The description is what the DM has written to let you know what kind of adventure you’ll be going on. If you have a favorite setting (e.g. pirates or space-themed) or you wanna know what your party will be up against, this is where to find that. Be sure to keep in mind the stats above too! If you’re not into zombies usually but you see all their stats are your style, you might be surprised at what a fun time you can have!


We try to tailor our DM sign-ups to have all the information a DM might need, but occasionally we leave out certain details or the DM has something game-specific they want you, the players, to know. Not every DM will provide notes for their campaign, which is okay. That usually means all the info you need is above! The notes section can have helpful information about the campaign!

If anything doesn’t make sense or is generally gobble-dee-gook, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us know! We try to make the sign up experience as easy as we can.

Happy Adventuring!