FQ Elevator Pitches

Joey’s Campaign

The Mad King Arven has been terrorizing the land. Reports of evil spirits and demons are everywhere. Can you bring Sudesia back to peace?

Jordan Z’s Campaign

After Order 66 the Jedi are traitors. The droid armies are deactivated & ripe for the taking. The Empire is putting down any resistance. Have fun!

Benjamin’s Campaign

Set in the BIONICLE universe, players will take on the roles of biomechanical castaways trapped in the city of Metru Nui after its fall.

Max’s Campaign

Navigate a complex world of deuling nobility in an alternate universe, steampunk London.

James Joseph’s Campaign

Go on an epic quest to stop evil, extra-planar unicorns from enslaving all living creatures! Really, what more could you want?

Jordyn M’s Campaign

Welcome to the Demiplane of Chaos! If you’d like to find the exit, you’ll need some good friends and some better weapons…

Audrey’s Campaign

Protect Sound and prevent the Silencing from stealing music from the land forever! Embody a genre of music and sing your way through battles!

Cory’s Campaign

Have you ever wanted to be a police officer in a fantasy police state? Then this is the campaign you have been waiting for!

Jackson’s Campaign

Befriend dragons in the How To Train Your Dragon universe as you search for a missing Hiccup.

Anna’s Campaign

Solve riddles and mysteries at your new school, the Krinora Academia of Combat and Casting!

Hannah Renea’s Campaign

Do you wanna be the very best, like no one ever was? Build your own Pokémon gym geared around the power of friendship!

Julian’s Campaign

You are thrust out of the safety of your village, forced to survive in the wilderness.

Kylie’s Campaign

So a wizard, his two students, and you walk into a castle haunted by its past inhabitants. Are you brave enough to roll initiative?

Kat’s Campaign

Welcome to Wonderland! Or what once was Wonderland… It now seems to be filled with more horrors than wonders after Alice left.

Clint’s Campaign

Your family is struggling to survive. Will you accept the baron’s mysterious call to change your fate?

Jason’s Campaign

Explore a strange archipelago and experience the high seas as you search for familiar shores in this island hopping adventure!

Marcus Merritt’s Campaign

Among lost souls, a legend is told of a weapon that can kill the past. Some would give anything for another shot, to make what was done, undone…

Alice’s Campaign

The objective is simple: survive, and try to remember who you are, where you are and why you’re there.

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